About is an experimental token which honors the most famous sequence in the world – the Fibonacci Sequence!
Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo Bonacci hated bullshit – and we hate it too. No pre-sale before – we are going to straight list on Uniswap!

How it works

Fibonacci sequence for those that are not familiar:
{\displaystyle F_{n}=F_{n-1}+F_{n-2},}
The burning function works like that:
when you buy, you have burning function of n = 6% , because we use 6 numbers from Fibonacci.

When you sell:
The burning function works like fibo seq. changing every 2 minutes.
# If you sell under 2 minutes from buying – 34% burn
# sell between 2-4 minutes from buying – 21%
# sell between 4-6 minutes from buying – 13%
# sell between 6-8 minutes from buying – 8%
# sell between 8-10 minutes from buying – 5%
# sell after 10 minutes from buying – 3%

The fibonacci sequence will eliminate and punish the weak hands!